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Forza di Vivere "The Will To Live"

The inspiration for "The Will To Live" is Papa Rino, Alessia Bonacci's father. 

After 4 years and 4 concerts of dance, acting comedy theatre, FDV has been at the forefront of the fight against the disease PSP

"Papa Rino"

"Charity For PSP"

Forza di vivere is a not for profit organization whose aim is to help people that are affected by the desease called PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). PSP is a rare brain disorder for which a treatment hasn’t been found yet. The organization has been founded by Alessia Bonacci and Chase Bell after Alessia’s father was diagnosed with this desease some years ago. 

Rino, Alessia Bonacci's father, has been fighting with this disease for 7 years.  He couldn't talk, eat, or move with ease, but every day Rino he fought courageously to live with the disease. He is the inspiration of this association. Rino left us last year and Forza di Vivere keeps raising awareness for PSP in his honor! 


For raising money for the PSP, Forza di vivere organizes artistic events, shows, concerts and any other initiative with a social purpose. The association collaborates with the PSP Association in London (, which is the largest in Europe for the research into a cure for PSP. 

On December 8th 2014, Forza di Vivere together with Lions Club organized a music charity event in Foligno (Umbria), where Rino has lived for all his life. Lots of incredibile artists and musicians participated in the event, amongst which the dancers of the musical “Bombay Dreams” of the West End and Broadway, the dancer of tip tap “Tappers”, Walter Nudo, the singer of Amici Giuseppe Salsetta, the magician Andrea Paris, the singer Chase Bell and his band “White Licorish”, the percussionists “Jebanomano” and many more. 


You can find more info and watch videos of our shows on our facebook page:

For those that would like to help the organization there is the possibility to make a donation online directly on the account of the organization by going to can be made via Paypal or with credit card).

Your support makes a huge difference for the patients of PSP. 
Any donation no matter how small, will go a long ways. 
And PLEASE! Pass along to your friends and friends of friends.

For more information about PSP you can

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